First of all I want to thank the rumahbisnis21 blog that have shared this award. Also happy to get this award from the rumahbisnis21.

This international award is called "International Community Blogger". Here are some benefits of the award was created by BLoGGiSTa iNFO CORNER:

1. International Award
2. This award can be given again to comrade blogger without limitation number
3. Not Stict Rules (Not required for Page Rangking)
4. This award can be a backlink because comrade of the award must include your name, blog name, URL of our blog.
5. With this award our blog can listed in BLoGGiSTa iNFO CORNER if we tell original posting about the award.

Be a proud member of the International Bloggers Community! The rules are quite easy.
1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post.
3. Post this in one or all of your blogs.
4. Answer the four questions following these Rules.
5. Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them.
6. Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.
7. Have Fun!

Questions & Your Answers (Pertanyaan & Jawaban):
1. The person who tagged you (Orang yang me-tag kamu):
2. His/her site's title and url (Judul situs dan url-nya):
3. Date when you were tagged (Tanggal ketika men-tag kamu): August 16, 2009
4. Persons you tagged (Orang-orang yang kamu tag atau beri award):

a. pinkflower9978
b. erlambang
c. inamuth2
d. ngagelover
f. imam77
g. poist20world


rumahbisnis21 said...

Kalo kita punya link dgn blogger international, enak dech nanti dpt uang dari adsense.

ina said...

makasih ea awardnya,...

ina ambil yah!!!!

Adhieth said...

ikutan meramaikan rumah teman

Shaniago said...

teman teman ada program yang ok punya nih..syaratnya punya blog dan mudah dapat dollar gak banyak tp perhari lho...di coba ya pasti ok ditunggu untuk sama2 mengeruk dollar setiap hari

Shaniago said...

oh ya lupa Linknya.. setelah dicoba bole comment di blog saya ....ok

Anonymous said...

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